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Pleasant Springs Farm

16112 Barnesville Road
Boyds, Maryland 20841


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"Thanks for a relaxing and peaceful stay. We're biking/training for an AIDS vaccine fundraising ride from Montreal to Maine, and this was just the overnight we needed. This place relaxes all of the senses - the flowers, birds and frogs, tasty homemade breakfast, brilliant colors, soft grass on our feet."
R.J. and M.H., Washington, DC

"We thought all was lost when my son's bike broke down just this side of White's Ferry. Thanks to you and Bob's Bikes for rescuing us and sending us back on our way toward Cumberland. I must come back with each of our children. There is no greater time than to spend a week with my son.
B.B., Bethesda, MD

The Monocacy Aqueduct

Bicyclers are a special delight. We will happily shuttle you and your bike to Monocacy Aqueduct on the C&O Canal (a 12 minute trip). From there you can ride south to Georgetown or north to Cumberland.

Biking to California!!

Off to Georgetown on the C&O Canal.

Back from a wonderful trip

Catch..... ...and release!

Guests relax after a long day.

Perfect for Colonial reenactor!

Hania knit a scarf on a rainy day.

Bikers choosing optional diner might have fresh rhubarb pie for dessert.


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