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Pleasant Springs Farm

16112 Barnesville Road
Boyds, Maryland 20841


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"I came to this area for work, really not keen on booking yet another hotel by the freeway. I did some research on the web and came up with this address. This log cottage in beautifully restored. I enjoyed thoroughly its charm, and all the objects, furniture and paintings. The quietness in the evening, the fresh air, were exactly what I needed. And then I met Peg in the morning with her two baskets loaded for a very tasteful breakfast that could have fed three. My regrets are not to have enough time to take advantage of this farm, to get to know Peg a little more,and want to share this wonderful experience with my wife Jackie. I hope our trails will bring us back here! M., Gif-sur-Yvette, France

"My wife ... and I just celebrated our first anniversary, which gave us occasion to think back on our wedding and how wonderful our stay was at Pleasant Springs Farm. Remembering the peace we found in the cottage, the splendid breakfasts you made for us, the wonderful ride on the canal we took on the bicycles you loaned us, and the lovely wool hat we bought from you and your sheep (I assume you give them a cut of the profits) made us feel very sweet and warm. They are truly great memories for us and we have you to thank!"
L&AT, Vallejo CA

"...We're needing a sanctuary to reconnect... When we drove down the lane And beheld this cabin, our lives were 'simplified'  and, Peg -- Magic happened....Our stay was just perfect - Peaceful and romantic."  KH, Maine

"...the cottage is beautiful and the breakfasts magnificent." 
A & E, Oxford, England

"Each day after a day of exploration and adventure in the city, we returned to this picturesque and relaxing haven.  The serenity here is good for the spirit."
  R, M & A, Minnesota

"We appreciate your extra effort in cooking gluten-free.  The results were delicious. You've cetainly mastered cooking gluten free."
  D, CA, J, B & S, Pennsylvania

"We found a rufous hummingbird feeding on some of the garden flowers. He too knew a good stopover when he found one!" Kathleen, Idaho

"You really do have a little slice of heaven out here." Celeste,
Alex and Charlotte

"We were greeted by a doe and fawn as we drove down the gravel road...(and enjoyed) playing bocce in the field, watching a mother bird feed her babies, biking on the C&O, watching the moon rise over Little Seneca Lake and sitting by the fire." Pat and Marian, Severna Park, MD.

"This is the first time to visit USA for me and my sister. What a precious time we could spend here at this place!" Meiko and Keiko, Tokyo, Japan.

" ...for about ten minutes we had the pleasure of standing 20 yards away from a little button buck and his doe-sister." Gerry and Lauren, Finksburg, MD.

"What a wonderful privilege it's been to experience the warmth of your hospitality." Andre and Michele, George, South Africa.

"...a delightful day. Everyone enjoyed your show..., the garden and the livestock. The luncheon was very delicious..."
P.H. Garden Clubs.

"Our purple dresses and red hats were fun to wear in your log cabin. Thanks for a delicious lunch and interesting slide show." C.L. Red Hat Society

"I can hardly believe that such a quiet, cute, historical farm is so close to Washington DC. The house is so comfortable and the breakfast was amazing. And the sheep were so expressive - we loved it."
M.P. and L.F., Washington, DC

"If there ever was a perfect place to stay, this is it! I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!"
G.G., Huntsville, AL

"We have never been to a more relaxing B&B. ...absolutely perfect for nature lovers and people seeking serenity."
C. and D.F., Detroit, MI

"Our anniversary, spent among hollyhocks, hummingbirds, swallowtails and exuburant frogs. It's hard to believe such a beautiful, timeless place is only 12 miles from our home. To be surrounded by wildlife in each other's company - what a beautiful way to celebrate. We leave rejuvenated and well fed! Thank you!"
K. and B.N., Rockville, MD

We were so honored to celebrate our nuptials in your pasture by the pond. It was a perfect place for a celebration!
E. and J.R, Durham, NC

"Super great! This was such a special place for our honeymoon." G. and L.O., Gaithersburg, MD

"What a magical place. We will most certainly return."
B. and F.N., Woodbridge, VA

"Utterly beautiful cabin, garden, grounds. Hospitality beyond all others."
N.P., Brookeville, MD

"If there were a category higher than excellent, we would have placed all scores there. Absolutely wonderful on all senses!"
M/M W., Chicago, IL

“Thank you so much for bringing us a bit of paradise this wonderful weekend... Thomas the sheep would make a wonderful psychiatrist as he often converses with us in sheep-talk and puts us at ease.” B &WS

“Thank you for a wonderful time. We had so much fun canoeing on your pond...With my husband being in a wheelchair, you did an excllent job catering to our needs.... We plan to be back!” NT

“This is a wonderful place to be reunited with our friend, Sarah, when she came home from Niger.” AR, CG, RB and AD, Peace Corps

“Thank you so much for this lovely place to stay on our wedding night! And thanks for the beautiful brunch for our whole family...” L & D

“Breakfast was the best one we ever had...” J & LH

"Your gift certificate was lovely - thank you! The gift was a big hit." N.N.

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