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Sugarloaf Country Historical Collection

We are proud to show off our latest notecards - The Sugarloaf Country Historical Collection!

These cards are from precious photographs, carefully selected from our private collection. Each card is 4.25"x5.5", and comes with envelope.

A percentage of each sale will be donated to Boyds Historical Society, a nonprofit local community organization.

To order, please email us at peg@pleasantspringsfarm.com.

Two of Montgomery's finest
Ruby Downs and unidentified fellow officer of the Montgomery County, Maryland police.

"Champions, Montgomery County, Maryland 1928"

Seneca School, Berryville Road
Lockkeepers, stonecutters and canal workers sent their children to the closest of the two Montgomery County, Maryland schools called Seneca.

Bridge over what is now the
reservoir in Boyds, Maryland, 1873

On May 24, 1873, the Metropolitan Branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad steamed across Montgomery County, MD, over this bridge, bringing prosperity and gingerbread trim wherever it went. Today the bridge site is the dam for the WSSC reservoir at Boyds.

Women of Boyds, Maryland, knit for peace, 1917
Everyone could help win the war. The American Red Cross collected hand knit socks and hats and sent them to the boys in the trenches "over there."

Methodist Episcopal Church South, Germantown, MD
In 1902 Methodists of Germantown, MD, split into two congregations, leaving only a silent graveyard (now gone) to mark the site of their log chapel on Clopper Road.

Street scene in early Boyds, MD
A pair of perfectly matched bay mares help James Boyd Maughlin and Eleanor Ray Maughlin leave the acclaimed farm and impressive house built by his uncle, James Boyd, in Montgomery County, MD Only the stone entrance pillars remain.

Nealsville (Neelsville) Presbyterian Church, c. 1890
Elegant details of this Germantown, MD church reflect the prosperity of the railroad era.

Boyds Negro School, 1928
Restored through volunteer effort and public funding, Boyds Negro School is now a community meeting place for Western Montgomery County, MD

Germantown, MD Presbyterian Church, c. 1900
This church in Montgomery County, MD, is now a veterinary clinic.

Stonecutters at Seneca Quarry
Former slaves and Irish immigrants cut sandstone at Seneca Quarry Montgomery County, MD Loaded onto barges, the stone was shipped down the C&O Canal to build the Smithsonian "Castle" and other structures.

Road building, Montgomery County, MD, 1907
Rock arrived in Boyds by train and was carted to the site by draft horses like Sam and Jerry.

Seneca School, River Road, c. 1890
Restored by volunteer effort and public funds, Seneca Sandstone Schoolhouse, Montgomery County, MD, hosts school groups interested in local history.

Boyds Station, c. 1890
This handsome, brick, slate-roofed railroad station once stood in Boyds, Montgomery County, MD, c. 1890.

Waters House, Germantown, MD, c. 1860
William Waters built this substantial brick house in 1817, in Germantown, Montgomery County, MD Purchased by a Germantown developer, the house was demolished in 1981.

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